Big strikes planned for this Friday

Employees at Air France, Alitalia and Italian airports protest

Airline and airport employees are on the march again this week. Employees at Air France, Alitalia and all of Italy’s major airports have announced work stoppages this Friday. In France, the CGT union is urging all Air France staff to stop work for 24 hours on Friday in protest against the company’s restructuring program. In an effort to make Air France more competitive, the management had initiated an extensive cost-cutting program involving reducing personnel, divesting companies and deferring previously planned expansion.
In Italy, passengers will be hit twice over. Mechanics at Alitalia and employees at Italy’s main airports will stop work for four hours on Friday afternoon. These are part of a larger series of general strikes in the country’s transport sector. Employees at the airline Meridiana are also planning a 24-hour strike on November 6, while staff at Milan’s Malpensa airport will stop work for eight hours on November 19.
When the threat of strike action became clear, Air France said it was “doing all it can to limit the impact of this disruption on its flights and to provide customers with optimum information as early as possible.” It says it expects to carry all passengers to their final destinations. Disruptions should be limited to a few flight delays, it adds. In the case of disruption to any flights, the airline says it will do its best to directly inform customers by phone, text message or email and urges its customers to provide reliable details on how they can be contacted during their trip.
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[photo courtesy Air France]