Biggest air travel mistakes of the year

A plane with no luggage and abusive inflight entertainment

Given that there are thousands of planes in the air at any time, airlines can be forgiven for getting it wrong occasionally. But sometimes they get it very wrong.

Like when United Airlines accidentally put airfares on sale for between $0 and $10 in September. In the same month, an Air Berlin flight with around 200 passengers took off from Stockholm – without any luggage. A month later, some customers still didn’t have their suitcases.

At Heathrow, a luggage handler caused around $8 million worth of damage to a British Airways A320 after leaving a tool on the engine cover. The tool was sucked into the engine as the plane prepared for take-off – an incident that could have turned out a lot worse.

Inflight entertainment has caused a few headaches. An Air India passenger complained in August when her unit labelled her an “idiot”. Pressing buttons in frustration because a movie wouldn’t play, this message appeared on the screen: “Lie low … Sit down you idiot!” Air India said it must have been a subtitle stuck on the screen.

Qantas was forced to apologise when a young boy saw a pornographic image on its Facebook page in July. The airline confirmed the image was online for a period of about seven hours.

United Airlines was forced to reassess its entertainment when parents described the inflight movie – the crime thriller “Alex Cross” – as “horrific”, “violent” and “sexually explicit”.

And in October a British passenger was the victim of her own epic booking mistake when she boarded a plane for a holiday in Granada, Spain, only to find two hours into the flight that she was actually on her way to Grenada in the Caribbean.

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[pictured: Carriacou, Grenada; photo by Atiemann]

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