BlackBerry unveils travel management app

Smartphone users can now plan, book, manage and share travel activities

A travel application has been unveiled that will help BlackBerry smartphone users plan, book, manage and share travel activities quickly and easily. BlackBerry Travel is the new app, created by Research In Motion (RIM). When a new booking confirmation or itinerary arrives in the user’s inbox, the app is automatically updated with the relevant details, which should make travel planning and management easier than ever.
BlackBerry users can also have their calendars automatically populated with itineraries as soon as they are confirmed and, by leveraging the BlackBerry push technology, the BlackBerry Travel app can keep users informed and in control of their itineraries by monitoring flight statuses and promptly providing notifications about changes. It can even identify potential omissions or scheduling concerns with the itineraries, such as missing accommodation or timing conflicts, and provide users with suggestions.
BlackBerry Travel also brings together tools that travellers need while planning on the go, including hotel booking, currency converters, weather forecasts and local searches.
Users can share their travel information with colleagues, friends and family over email or through LinkedIn – an integration that allows users to search for people in their network who will be in the same city, send messages to contacts and update their status.