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Photo: Corendon Airlines

Boeing 747 ‘lands’ in hotel garden

A 145-tonne former KLM Boeing 747 has been transported overland to a future as a 5D-experience tourist attraction.

After a five-day transport on a huge extended trailer of countless wheels, from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to the nearby town of Badhoevedorp, a Boeing 747 arrived in the garden of the Corendon Village Hotel in the early hours of Sunday morning.

There the plane will be converted into a 5D-experience about the 747 and the history of aviation later this year.

The Boeing slowly began its final journey from Schiphol last week when it was placed on a trailer to cover the 12.5 kilometres to the hotel.

It had to cross one highway, one provincial road and 17 ditches before being parked backwards into the hotel garden, requiring 57 movements.

The Boeing 747 is the former KLM aircraft City of Bangkok, which has been given a new final destination in the hotel garden after 30 years of service.

The plane is 64 metres wide, 71 metres long and weighs 145 tonnes, and to keep it safe and steady it was lifted on 1.5 metre-high steel bases, totalling 15 tons of steel. These were built on heavy concrete slabs, strong enough to carry the enormous weight.

Wing walk
When the Boeing is converted into a 5D experience later this year, visitors will be able to walk on, over or under the plane and visit places that are normally not accessible to the public.

They will be able to visit the cargo hold, learn about fuelling and take a peek into both the kitchen of the business class area and the cockpit on the upper deck. They will even be able to do a wing walk over the thirty-metre-long wings.

Visitors will learn about the history of aviation, beginning with the ancient human desire to fly and leading them from the first serious flight attempts around 1900 to the development of the Boeing 747. The highlight will be the 5D experience where they can experience flying in all its facets.

Corendon is a Turkish leisure airline based at Antalya Airport, with 11 Boeing 737 aircraft mainly flying scheduled routes to 13 cities in Germany and Switzerland, but it also owns a subsidiary of resorts. The company expressed its thanks for the cooperation of the municipality, government agencies and the companies involved in the transportation.

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