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Photo: Dive Bahrain

Boeing 747 sunk to the seabed

The Kingdom of Bahrain purchased a retired Boeing 747 jumbo jet and placed it at the bottom of the sea as part of a new underwater park.

It will soon be possible to be in a Boeing 747 at the bottom of the sea in the Persian Gulf of the Kingdom of Bahrain, where a large passenger plane has been lowered onto the seabed 20 meters below the surface.

The aircraft is a phased-out Boeing 747 jumbo jet that Bahrain purchased from the United Arab Emirates, and the 70-meter-long passenger aircraft will be part of a new underwater park called Dive Bahrain.

The new underwater park claims it will offer divers a different experience than one can usually get under the surface of the sea. In addition to the Boeing 747 aircraft, the underwater park will also house a copy of traditional Bahrain home, artificial coral reefs and other sculptures.

The project organizers also say that the various elements together create an environment where corals, fish and marine mammals can thrive.

The underwater park covers a total area of more than 100,000 square meters and is scheduled to open in August. It is purportedly the largest underwater park in the world.

Time above and below
According to World Airline News, the aircraft was originally delivered to Malaysia Airlines in 1982 and has since flown for Focus Air Cargo and Air Atlanta Icelandic before being phased out in 2013.

Bahrain authorities say that the old jumbo jet aircraft was modified to meet all environmental standards before it was submerged and will be anchored firmly to the bottom to prevent it from shifting around as a result of currents over time.

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