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Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner cleared for take-off

Certificate awarded to plane due to enter service with Singapore Airlines in first half of 2018.

The US regulator the Federal Aviation Administration has awarded an amended type certificate (ATC) to the newest member of Boeing’s increasingly efficient aircraft family, clearing the way for commercial use.

Deliveries of the 787-10 Dreamliner are scheduled to start in the first half of 2018, with the first delivery expected to be to Singapore Airlines.

The awarding of an ATC follows a successful flight test program that began in March 2017 and involved three flight test planes that accumulated about 900 test hours.

The test program team took the 787-10 through a series of tests to confirm that the model’s handling, systems and overall performance met internal requirements and certification standards to ensure flight safety.

“We are pleased to have met the rigorous standards set forth by the FAA and are eager to bring the airplane to market for our valued customers,” enthused Brad Zaback, vice president and general manager of the 787 program.

“After years of design and testing, our team has proven the quality, safety and reliability of the newest member of the Dreamliner family and we look forward to seeing the airplane in service later this year.”

Other aviation regulatory agencies are expected to follow the FAA’s lead and certify the 787-10 aircraft type before it enters service.

Boeing describes the 787 Dreamliner as “a family of super-efficient airplanes with new passenger-pleasing features”. As a stretched version of the 787-9, the 787-10 retains over 95% commonality while adding seats and cargo capacity.

This sets “a new benchmark for fuel efficiency and operating economics at 25% better fuel per seat and emissions” than the planes it will replace, the manufacturer maintains.

The 787-10 can fly 330 passengers in a two-class configuration up to 6,430 nautical miles (11,910 km). To date, Boeing has over 170 orders for the 787-10 from nine customers worldwide.

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