Boeing begins to fix Dreamliners today

Engineers from Boeing start at ANA in Japan

Today, teams of engineers from Boeing begin installing reinforced lithium ion batteries on grounded 787 aircraft, starting in Japan with five planes owned by Dreamliner launch customer All Nippon Airways. The grounded aircraft will be ready to fly again in about a week, Boeing says. The teams will then travel to fix other stationary 787s worldwide.
On Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration in the US approved Boeing’s plan – to encase the 787s’ lithium ion batteries in a steel box, install new battery charges and add a duct to send gases that could cause overheating directly outside the aircraft.
However, Reuters says that investigators in the US and Japan have yet to find exactly what caused a 787 battery on an ANA plane in Japan and one on a JAL Dreamliner parked at Boston’s Logan Airport to overheat.
Reuters / ATW
[photo courtesy Boeing]