Boeing: Dreamliner is still safe to fly

Chief is “100% convinced that the airplane is safe”

Following several weeks of technical incidents involving the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing’s chief engineer for the aircraft, Mike Sinnett, told reporters during conference call that he was “100% convinced that the airplane is safe to fly”. He stressed: “I want to reiterate that we continue to have extreme confidence in the 787 airplane and the 787 ideas.”
He acknowledged that “clearly there are issues,” but none of these are bad enough to make Boeing believe the aircraft type is unsafe, he said.
“Just like any new airplane program, we work through those issues. […] We’re not satisfied until our reliability and performance is 100%,” he said.
The Dreamliner has been in operation for 15 months but has been hit by many technical glitches. Three of them have had technical problems just this week. On Monday, a lithium-ion battery that powers the Dreamliner whenever the engine is shut down while on the ground caught fire at Logan International Airport, Boston. The Japan Airlines plane was empty at the time.
On Tuesday, a fuel leak was discovered in another Japan Airlines Dreamliner preparing for take-off at Logan. Then, yesterday, All Nippon Airways cancelled a Dreamliner flight because a number of brake parts had to be replaced.
USA Today
[photo courtesy Boeing]