Boeing proposes change to 787 battery casing

FAA reviews possible solution to 787 battery problem

The US’s Federal Aviation Administration says it is reviewing a possible solution to the 787 battery problem that has plagued Boeing’s Dreamliner aircraft. Senior transport officials have met with Boeing executives “to discuss the status of ongoing work to address 787 battery issues.”
“The safety of the flying public is our top priority and we won’t allow the 787 to return to commercial service until we’re confident that any proposed solution has addressed the battery failure risks,” the FAA says. It originally grounded the 787 on January 16.
Boeing said that it was “encouraged by the progress being made toward resolving the issue and returning the 787 to flight for our customers and their passengers around the world.” The specifics of Boeing’s proposal are not known, but Reuters quotes an insider as saying that Boeing has proposed keeping the controversial lithium ion batteries while changing how the batteries are cased in order to stop the spread of fire if a battery overheats.
[photo courtesy Boeing]

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