Bomb kills at least 35, injures 130 at Domodedovo

Lufthansa, BA, Emirates and others use Russia’s biggest and busiest airport

An explosion at Moscow Domodedovo Airport, which accepts flights from all over the world, has killed at least 35 people and injured around 130 others in what has reportedly been a terrorist attack. Russia’s health ministry says that 20 of the injured are in a critical condition, according to the Interfax news agency. Moscow’s two other major airports, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo, plus the metro system, have been placed on “high terror alert”.

Flights to Domodedovo are being diverted to these airports. While United Airlines, British Airways, Austrian Air, Emirates and Swiss, among others, use Domodedovo, many airlines such as SAS, Finnair, Air France and Delta choose to fly to Sheremetyevo. The explosion took place near a cafe on the edge of the international arrivals area, according to reports, and occurred at 16:37 local time. Flights from London, Dusseldorf and Odessa had landed shortly before the blast.

The BBC quotes an aviation expert, Chris Yates, supporting the theory that a suicide bomber was responsible: “Quite an amount of shrapnel has been found in the arrivals hall – ball bearings and other things that could be packed into a suicide belt. We could be talking about a walk-in suicide attacker, walking in and blowing themselves up at that critical moment.” Police believe that around 15 pounds of explosives were used. They are looking for three men in connection with the attack, according to Interfax.