Bomb threat diverts Norwegian flight

Police in Gothenburg find nothing suspicious

An aircraft belonging to Norwegian was quickly diverted on Friday after a passenger said there was a bomb on board. The Copenhagen-Oslo flight was diverted to Gothenburg.

The Boeing 737 with 94 passengers on board was evacuated safely and police bomb experts searched the plane. The passenger who made the claim was held in police custody.

“A passenger said he had placed a bomb in the cargo area,” the police said in a statement. However, nothing dangerous was found.

A Norwegian TV2 reporter who had been on the plane said the suspect had tried to escape. “He tried to run from the police, he tried to flee,” he said.

“Passengers have left the plane and the man who had warned of the bomb is under control by the police,” Norwegian Air spokesman Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen told AFP.


[Photo by David Charles Peacock; courtesy Norwegian]

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