Bomb threats made against different airlines

Threats hit Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air France flights
A Singapore Airlines flight from San Francisco landed safely at Singapore’s Changi Airport on Sunday, in the latest in a string of bomb threats against specific flights around the world.
The airline did not provide details about the threat made against Flight SQ001 or what action was taken to ensure the safety of the plane, which landed at noon Singapore time. Disembarkation was delayed until 13:30 and local police made security checks but nothing suspicious was found.
Also over the weekend a bomb threat diverted a Turkish Airlines flight from New York to Istanbul to Halifax Stanfield international airport in Canada.
That aircraft, with 256 people on board, landed safely and was searched using dogs trained in explosives. No explosive device was found and the flight later continued on its way. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating the threat, but few details were given.
Last Tuesday, an Air France flight from Washington Dulles was also diverted to Halifax after an anonymous bomb threat, but investigators found no evidence of a device.
Reuters / AP