accused of cheating customers

Labelling for good and affordable hotels can be bought’s specific labelling for good and affordable hotels is being marketed to customers as a sign of quality. But labels can be purchased.

The hotel reservation site uses a special mark, a hand with thumb up, especially for Preferred Hotel properties. According to, this mark means the hotel provides excellent service and quality against the best available room rates, writes.

In fact, hotels pay extra for selection. They pay at least 18% of the room rate commission, which is 3% higher than other hotels.

The site says that these hotels must have a customer rating of at least seven out of ten points. But according to, there are more priority hotels that do not meet that criterion.

One hotel in Stockholm, for example, which is highlighted as a priority, gets a score below seven. When searching, it comes in 30th out of 139 hotels available. Go instead to the visitor ratings and it’s in 129th place.

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[photo courtesy Nordic Choice Hotels]

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