Boom in incoming “residential tourism”

Number of tourists in Denmark grossly underestimated

The official figures on how many people visit Denmark as tourists is grossly underestimated, the daily Politiken writes. They do not include the rapidly rising numbers of tourists who pay or swap their own homes to stay in private homes in Denmark.

Politiken obtained figures from two of the most popular brokerage services, Airbnb and and found that these two services will be responsible for 452,000 overnight stays in 2013, or 8% of overnight stays by foreigners at hotels in 2012. And this is only two of many such services.

“The figures are higher than we expected,” Flemming Bruhn, director of VisitDenmark, admitted. “This represents a new and exciting way to travel to and visit Denmark. Private rentals have certainly been underestimated until now.” / Politiken

[photo courtesy VisitDenmark]

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