Putting your company on the map with online listings

Companies can increase their visibility on Google and Yahoo

When a potential customer looks for a partner such as a travel agency in the business listings of a search engine, like Google Places or Yahoo Listings, they tend to opt for the company with the most visual information listed, not just with simple contact details. Photos, videos and visual testimonies help provide business.
In this article, a social media and online marketing consultant describes Google Places and Yahoo Local as “Yellow Pages listings on steroids.” One difference between the two is that Yahoo charges a small payment to include attractive visual information and graphics beyond a limited profile, while Google lets companies do this free of charge. At the very least, companies should take advantage of raising their online profiles with a logo, photos, videos and information about deals and events. Posting the company profile on Yelp.com will automatically put it on Google and Yahoo as well.
[pictured: celestial map from 17th century by Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit]