Border checks start on Sweden-Denmark bridge

Nordic road and rail travellers experiencing delays
Travellers between Denmark and Sweden are experiencing delays on the second day of controversial ID checks, introduced on everyone in an effort to reduce the flow of refugees into Sweden. Commuters and tourists are bearing the brunt of checks for travel across the famous Öresund Bridge.
Around 100 passengers were refused access to trains departing for Sweden at Copenhagen airport’s Kastrup train station yesterday, where 34 checkpoints have been set up.
Around 150 security staff have been placed at the station to oversee the controls. To travel to Sweden, rail passengers must now exit the train at the airport, go through the checkpoints, then board the train again. Those without valid ID – passports, driving licences or national identity cards – are refused entry. Travellers are being told to expect delays of more than 30 minutes during rush hour.
This is the first time in 50 years that Sweden wants to see photo ID for all travellers from Denmark, making it a blow to Europe’s passport-free Schengen system.
Sweden, which was previously accepting more Syrian refugees per capita than any other country, says it can no longer cope with the flow of new arrivals.
AFP / The Local