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BRA eyes more NextJet routes

Braathens Regional Airlines says it is in “intensive planning” to start two more routes in Sweden.

Swedish domestic airline BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines) says it is in “intensive planning” to start making scheduled flights between Stockholm Bromma and Jönköping twice a day, starting within the next two weeks.

The plan is to fly one morning and one evening service each day from Jönköping, with more departures possible after the summer.

At the same time, the company is also looking at opportunities to start flying regularly between Sundsvall-Timrå Airport and Gothenburg twice a day.

The recently bankrupted Swedish regional airline NextJet served both routes, the Jönköping service being from Stockholm Arlanda. BRA is no stranger in Jönköping, often making seasonal charter flights from there to Split in Croatia.

BRA also currently makes scheduled flights between Sundsvall-Timrå and Bromma, and taking over NextJet’s Sundsvall-Gothenburg route would come as relief to that particular route’s former NextJet passengers.

It is already flying the Sundsvall-Gothenburg route between May 16 and 20 for passengers booked to fly with NextJet tickets.

“Jönköping-Bromma and Sundsvall-Gothenburg are two lines we calculate that we can fly profitability. We have Sweden’s most satisfied customers and we believe it will make us grow together with the market,” says Christian Clemens, BRA’s chief executive.

Aircraft needed
BRA is reportedly looking both at solutions for flying the routes with its own aircraft and at solutions involving hired planes, but is not revealing the possible aircraft types or seating capacity.

“We have been in Sundsvall for a long time and see that we have a large proportion of customers who switch in Bromma for further travel to Gothenburg, so that line is very interesting to us. We believe in Sundsvall and it is therefore logical that we take over the direct flight to Gothenburg,” continues Clemens.

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