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Photo: BRA

BRA to ditch jet aircraft, sacks 363 staff

The Swedish domestic carrier is finding ways to “adapt to the weaker domestic aviation market”.

Sweden’s domestic carrier BRA says it is phasing out its characteristic but ageing Avro RJ jet aircraft over the coming year, retaining only its 12 “slightly smaller and climate-smarter propeller aircraft”, as it calls its ATRs in a statement.

It is also getting rid of a third of its staff, while no word is emanating from the company about its long-delayed acquisition of Airbus aircraft.

“It is no secret that the general market situation for domestic flights with reduced demand, sharp cost increases through the air tax, rising prices for aviation fuel, a weak krona exchange rate, increased airport charges and flygskam on top of that is challenging for the aviation industry,” BRA says, referring to the country’s ‘shame of flying’ trend.

Traffic cuts
The company intends to phase out its 10 older Avro planes in 2019-2020. It will also shut down its Jönköping-Stockholm Bromma route in mid-June and cut traffic to Östersund to Thursday-Sunday instead of daily departures.

“The planned changes will, over the coming years, entail a gradually decreasing need for jet aircraft, which in turn means a decreasing need for staffing and fewer jobs over time,” the airline says.

“How many people will have to leave BRA in 2019-2020 is too early to go into detail, as it is an ongoing process. But […] a total of 363 persons have been notified by the company’s just over 1000 employees.”

“Of course, our staff are one of our most important assets, but when fewer Swedes choose domestic flights we must adapt even if it unfortunately means that colleagues are affected and forced to leave us, which makes the decision extremely difficult to make,” says CEO Geir Stormorken.

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