Brazil reassures tourists over Zika fears

Tourism-themed health program to fight the virus
Brazil is reassuring travellers about the Zika virus, launching a program at tourist attractions to combat the mosquito-borne virus.
There is no need to cancel trips to the country, the Brazilian tourist board Embratur said in a statement, adding: “The Brazilian tourism sector has intensified the actions of the federal government with a focus on establishments and tourist attractions, through the training of agents and inspection routines.”
The virus is dangerous to pregnant women as it causes birth defects in children. Some experts also advise women who plan to become pregnant from avoiding affected areas. Embratur said that most cancelled bookings “related to pregnant women”.
The World Health Organisation and the World Tourism Organisation do not recommend travel restrictions to areas affected by Zika, except for special care for pregnant women, Embratur explained.
“Regardless of the destination or purpose of travel, tourists should take basic measures to strengthen the protection against mosquitoes,” it said.
This year sees the Olympics taking place in Rio de Janeiro in August and September – a period during the Brazilian winter that means a lower risk of catching the disease.
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