Brazil to add 2,000 flights for World Cup

Expansion represents just 1% of existing flights

It is likely that Brazilian airlines will lay on an extra 1,973 flights to meet demand expected during the World Cup in June and July, Brazil’s aviation regulator ANAC says.

Such an expansion would represent just 1% of existing flights. But it exceeds the 1,500 new flights that had previously been expected.

“We will grant all the requests,” Marcelo Guaranys, president of the ANAC, said. “The system has the capacity to handle those new flights.”

The extra flights should help to hold back the much-criticised trend of a rise in air fares in the country. The government has attacked Gol and TAM for rapidly rising ticket prices for the World Cup period, while Azul and Avianca Brasil have promised to cap prices.

Battling high oil prices and a poor exchange rate, over the last two years Brazil’s airlines have been cutting routes, retiring aircraft and dismissing crews to cut costs.


[pictured: Estádio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre, imagined for the World Cup; courtesy (Brazilian Government)]

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