British trains reach deep into Germany

National Express in Nuremberg as well as the Rhine
A British rail company is reaching deep into the German transport market. From mid-December, National Express has been running trains on two lines in North Rhine Westphalia, between the Rhine and Wupper valleys – and this week its further expansion has been revealed.
The Bavarian Rail Company says that from 2018 National Express will take over the whole overground rail infrastructure for the city of Nuremberg – the first German city with rail services not provided by state-owned Deutsche Bahn.
“Competition always invigorates business,” Winfried Karg from consumer group pro-Bahn tells news site The Local, adding that the development should be a wake-up call for Deutsche Bahn to improve its service in other German cities.
“National Express needs to provide reliable and punctual transport. They need to provide information about delays, places where people can pick up a lost umbrella, and clean and comfortable carriages.”
The Local


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