Brits and Americans Rated Unadventurous

Who are the most “intrepid” of the English-speaking travellers?

New Zealanders rate as the most intrepid English-speaking travellers in a poll commissioned by the appropriately named adventure tour operator Intrepid Travel. Intrepid, a UK-based operator that leads mostly small groups to explore “the world’s most amazing places, from the back streets of Asia to the wilds of Africa”, questioned a thousand people with each of five nationalities.

The questions were often tough but varied. Would you eat a fried tarantula? Would you sleep in a hut in a remote village? Do you often find yourself haggling at local markets, whatever the location? The results brought New Zealanders in first, followed by Canadians, then Australians, Brits and, in last place, Americans. But isn’t being “intrepid” really about showing fearlessness in unexpected situations?

USA Today