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Brits rate Denmark for family or weekend stays

The UK website Clubmed rates Nordic nations as places for the happiest family holidays, though comparatively expensive so better left for short trips.

Denmark has been ranked the 15th best family holiday destination in the world by UK promotions website Clubmed, the Copenhagen Post reports

The website primarily considered the views of British residents on different countries, taking into account factors such as the total cost, the cost of eating out, and the volume of social media posts written about the destination.

Rankings leader Spain has for a very long time been Britain’s number one destination. The site also found the UK itself to be the second most popular destination, partly due to a large number of social media posts on local tourism.

However, a closer look at the data reveals some added insights about the Nordic nations.

Nordic differences
Most notably, the average length of visit to Denmark is much shorter than its Nordic counterparts, underlining how most Brits view the country as a weekend destination. The average length of visit was just two to three days, whereas Sweden and Finland both averaged three to four days, and Norway five days.

Denmark was, however, considered less expensive than Sweden, Finland and Norway. The average daily outlay for a holiday spent there was £124 (€141), which was below the other countries’ costs of £135, 157 and 185, respectively.

This could explain why Denmark had more visitors from the UK, with 203,000, compared to the 148,000 who visited Sweden, 127,000 who chose Norway and 75,000 who travelled to Finland.

All four countries had high happiness scores, with three, Finland ahead of Norway and Denmark, taking the top three places, and Sweden in sixth.

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