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Photo: Lion Air

Broken bones after bomb false alarm

A Lion Air flight in Indonesia erupts into chaos just as it is about to take off.

Ten passengers were injured with broken bones and head wounds when sheer panic erupted after a man falsely claimed to one of the cabin crew that there was a bomb on board, just as the flight was preparing to take off.

A police spokesman explained afterwards that other passengers overheard the 26-year-old, Frantinus Nirigi, telling the flight attendant there was a bomb on the Lion Air plane, which was taxiing to depart Borneo in Indonesia for the capital Jakarta with 189 passengers on board late on Monday, Associated Press reports.

One of the alarmed passengers smashed the emergency exit windows, and footage online shows many of the people on the plane standing on the Boeing 737’s wing trying to find a way off. Some of them slid down the engine and fell onto the tarmac.

Two arrested
The police said that eight passengers suffered broken bones and head wounds and two more had minor injuries.

An inspection found no bomb on the aircraft. Both Nirigi and the passenger who broke through the emergency exit were arrested.

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