Bucharest, the ugliest capital of Europe

The quality of life in Bucharest is continuously deteriorating

Damaged infrastructure and missing utilities, bad roads, spilled garbage, and lack of sewerage or water is what makes life in the capital city of Romania, according to VerticalNews.com, and the ugliest capital in Europe.
Some people get their water to polluted wells, other need to carry used water to the sewer.
A consulting company Mercer assessed 39 indicators including crime levels, pollution, access to drinking water, sewerage, electricity, public transport and other critierias. Bucharest was 84th in 2001 on the company’s list and fell to 108 in 2009, getting to the last but one city in the EU, the last one being Sofia
The assessment of pollution in the capital was also taken into consideration. A study by a NGO Ecopolis monitored the quality of air in Bucharest and its implications for human health for six years. According to the 2010 results of the monitoring, all the research stations in the city have recorded higher levels of pollution. Dust levels were exceeding the limits set for health security.
[pictured: satellite image of Bucharest, 2005]