Buffalo workshops in Sweden and Denmark

Governor’s Buffalo Roundup held in South Dakota each September

South Dakota and the Rocky Mountain states of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, North Dakota and Denver are coming to Scandinavia this year to promote a unique event in which 1,400 bison are rounded up with pickup trucks and horseback riders. The breathtaking event takes place annually on the last Monday in September.

Each year the organisers put together a new agenda for the hosting and fam tour prior to the event, and the dates of next year’s fam tour will be September 18-25. The tours can also be customised if participants have special concerns or interests. The roundup takes place over three days in Custer State Park together with the Governor of South Dakota.
Vicky Engelhaupt, South Dakota Department of Tourism’s trade sales rep for Scandinavia, travels to
Scandinavia each year. This year’s Scandinavian Mission will take place October 18-27:
Discover America Seminar and Workshop, Umea, October 20, 2011
Vagabond Business to Business Event, Copenhagen, October 21
Vagabond Travel Show, Copenhagen, October 22 & 23
Rocky Mountain Showcase, Aabyhoj, Denmark, October 25
Discover America Workshop/Seminar, Copenhagen October 26