Hotels build trust through social media

Hotels join in the conversation too, and try to be human

Due to the dominance of the internet, it is becoming vital for companies to keep trust and respect for their customers via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare. A number of hoteliers describe how they do this. Mandarin Oriental Hotels has a social media marketing manager, Mac Joseph. “We focus on building genuine relationships with consumers on Facebook and Twitter by engaging in two-way dialogue,” he says. For example, he detected a tweet from a guest at one of the chain’s properties who said he wanted a room with a bathtub. The manager was then able to contact the hotel and move the guest to the desired room on the same day.
InterContinental Hotels has a variety of twitter accounts for individual hotels and also one main channel. Charles Yap, director of global brand communications: “Even though we are interacting with our guests and our friends as a brand, we try to be as human in our interaction as we can. This means being conversational with our approach, highlighting some of the fun discoveries our guests have made in their travels, providing local assistance through our InterContinental Concierge teams to those who need it, and taking every opportunity to help should things go wrong.”
[pictured: Friends using FourSquare; courtesy FourSquare]

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