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Passengers at Oslo Airport (photo: Avinor)

Busiest summer days for Oslo flights

Norway’s main airport will have never been busier, with some days expecting over 100,000 passengers.

Norway’s main airport has never been busier, airport operator Avinor claims. Friday 15 June is the busiest day in the next two months for jetting off, a day when more than 106,000 passengers are expected to use Oslo Airport.

“We’re heading for a summer with an incredibly high number of passengers,” says the airport’s communications manager, Joachim Westher Andersen.

“Several days will see more than 100,000 people jetting off. We expect to be very busy throughout June and July, but we’re well prepared.”

He warns that people should give themselves some additional time if they are planning to head to the airport this summer.

“We recommend giving yourselves a little extra time, as so many people will be heading away at the same time. If you’re travelling outside the Schengen area, bear in mind that there will be more passengers than normal going through passport control.”

Passport tech
The airport and police have implemented self-service passport checks for departing and arriving passengers, who can now carry out the checks themselves automatically if they are from the EU, Norway or Iceland and aged over 18.

“Self-service passport control has more capacity than manual passport control,” claims police officer Lars Hegstad. “The service is currently in the implementation and testing phase, so the number of self-service kiosks in operation will vary.”

June 15 will see 106,313 passengers using Oslo Airport. Other days with more than 100,000 passengers will be June 14, 18, 25, 28 and 29, and July 1, 8, 13, 15 and 22.

The fact that Friday the 13th in July is one of the most popular days to travel, with 100,424 people flying to or from Oslo on that day, appears to go against a recent survey by Momondo.

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