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Busiest winter dates to fly from Oslo

Hundreds of thousands of passengers will be using Oslo Gardermoen in the next couple of weeks.

Hundreds of thousands of people will be travelling to and from Oslo Gardermoen Airport for a winter holiday over the next two weeks. The airport is giving the busiest dates and some useful tips for passengers.

The busiest departure days are Friday and Sunday this week and Friday and Sunday next week, airport operator Avinor says. It provides precise estimates:
Friday, 16 February: 91,560
Saturday, 17 February: 51,073
Sunday, 18 February: 81,743
Monday, 19 February: 73,148
Tuesday, 20 February: 64,173
Wednesday, 21 February: 71,066
Thursday, 22 February: 79,055
Friday, 23 February: 87,003
Saturday, 24 February: 53,233
Sunday, 25 February: 90,176

More luggage than usual
If passengers are travelling with ski equipment, Avinor offers more advice.

“Passengers usually have more baggage and ski equipment when going on holiday in winter. In addition, there are a lot more passengers than normal, so we recommend that you allow extra time and are more patient than usual,” says Joachim Westher Andersen, head of communications.

Ski equipment is carried as special baggage, and most airlines require additional payment for taking it on board. Andersen recommends checking the airline’s regulations for packing and payment.

“You should also allow ample time for check-in, checking in any special baggage, security checks and for walking to the gate. If you are travelling to non-Schengen countries, it is also a good idea to allow some extra time for passport control,” Andersen adds.

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