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Vomit on footstool (photo: social media)

Business-class passenger endures vomit stain

A passenger flying business class claims he was forced to spend a ten-hour flight with dried vomit on his seat, as cabin crew wouldn’t offer another spot.

A British Airways business-class passenger spent his ten-hour flight accompanied by dried vomit, claiming that cabin crew would not offer him another seat.

Dave Gildea, chief executive of a software firm in San Francisco, was flying from London Heathrow to Seattle when he pulled down his seat’s footstool, which he then discovered was covered in an uncleaned stain from a previous flight.

He posted a picture of the mess on Twitter with the caption: “This was my seat from London to Seattle yesterday, covered in dried in vomit, no offer to move seats, just insinuation from the attendant that I had done it even though it was dried in for days.”

Blanket apology
Gildea says he informed the cabin crew but was only provided with a blanket to cover the spot after he requested it.

“Of course as I slept, I moved around on the blanket, so I woke up with dried vomit on my feet,” he said. “It was pretty disgusting. With the price I paid for the ticket, I was shocked.”

A British Airways spokesperson said of the incident: “We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of service and an enjoyable experience on board our flights, and we are sorry that on this occasion this fell short of our customers’ expectations.”

“We are investigating and are in contact with the customer to apologise and resolve this matter.”

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