Business Guests Place More Demands on Hotels

With business travel ready to skyrocket, hotels need to checklist their facilities.

Business travel is increasing again and is positioned to boom in 2011. Hotels can ensure they keep these demanding, hard-travelling individuals happy by employing a few key services. Business guests are more value-conscious following the recession and have become used to getting more for their money. Hotels, meanwhile, are strengthening their online presence and brand loyalty.

The worldwide professional services company Deloitte recently made a survey of 1,001 business travellers to discover what they really want from a hotel. It found that 65% of business travellers expect much more from a hotel than a clean room and a comfortable bed. First of the list is a work-friendly room. With 68% of business travellers often having to use their rooms as a workspace, according to Deloitte, if a room isn’t designed for getting work done then the room is not useful. This includes everything from a desk to wifi access. Almost 80% of the respondents felt that high-speed web access was an important amenity, with 77% percent citing free parking.

Only 30% “felt their favourite hotel brand was so important to them that they would stay at that hotel brand even if it were not in the most convenient location.” However, the level of loyalty was higher among the highest earning respondents. Almost half of the survey’s respondents said they had a web-enabled smartphone (84% of business travellers aged in their twenties; 63% of high earners). So the pressure on hotels to facilitate such technology is growing.