Business travel at Airbnb grows faster than hotels

But spending on hotels still 250 times greater than on Airbnb
Accommodation spending by corporates on Airbnb properties grew 42% in the second quarter of 2016, year-on-year, to US$77 million – outstripping spending growth on hotel chains, a study by US travel management firm Concur says.
This growth comes on the back of a 32% rise in the number of companies using Airbnb for business over the same period.
But hotels needn’t worry just yet. On a volume basis, total business travel spend on major hotels was more than 250 times greater than business spend on Airbnb.
So far, corporate Airbnb stays have been mostly centred in a few hotspots in the world, the three most popular being San Francisco, London and New York.
Between Q3 2014 and Q2 2016, businesses spent more money on Airbnb stays in San Francisco than in any other city in the world, with London a distant second.
Reasons for Airbnb’s popularity in the Californian city could be the high average cost of hotels, plus the dominance of technology companies based there that are more open to using sharing economy accommodation options for work trips.
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