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Business travel glossary of phrases listed

Phrases, terms and abbreviations that “every travel manager should know” are listed, from deadhead to open-jaw.

The corporate travel management solutions company Egencia has released a glossary of business travel terminology, a list of the key terms it says “every travel manager should know”.

The alphabetical list of 65 sometimes US-centric phrases, terms and abbreviations starts with AAB (agent assisted booking) and ADR (average daily rate) and ends with unrestricted fare (an airfare with no limitations that is typically refundable and has no blackout days).

An airport access fee is a fee paid by car rental companies for the use of shuttle vehicles. Paid to the airport authority, it often crop up in the customer’s car rental bills.

A deadhead is described as an off-duty airline employee who is travelling in a passenger seat, while non-rev is a passenger who is an airline employee or friend or family flying on a deeply discounted ticket – generally available on standby only.

Who’s the metal?
Open-jaw is an itinerary where the passenger flies to one city but out of another, for example on a ticket originating in JFK and flying to LHR and then returning from MAN to JFK.

Metal, meanwhile, is industry slang that refers to the operating carrier of a flight – the name of the airline on the side of the plane but not necessarily in the code.

The difference between a layover is described too. Different from a stopover, a layover is a short period of time between connecting flights. In the US, it means a wait of four hours or less on domestic flights, while for international flights it refers to stops of less than 24 hours.

STPC means stopover paid by carrier – a programme an airline might offer to encourage travellers to use a less optimal connection, where the airline covers prearranged hotel and ground transportation during a stopover. The full glossary can be seen here.

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