Business travellers in Nordics use hostels

Generator Hostels starts to market to businesspeople

On a recent business trip to Copenhagen, a Dutch manager of a global electronics manufacturer discovered the pleasures of staying at a hostel, as a big event in the city meant all the hotels were full. The service, design, quiet public areas and private room with a bath at the hostel Generator Copenhagen impressed him.

Hostels are increasingly attracting older adults, families and business travellers. At some of Generator Hostels’ eight properties across Europe nearly 20% of weekday guests are businesspeople, especially in off-peak seasons.

The trend could be due to upgrades in service, accommodation, design and food and beverages, as well as perks like free wi-fi. It may also be because of travellers’ dwindling budgets.

A private room at a Generator hostel often costs half the price of comparable rooms at three-star hotels. Generator Hostels is starting to market to start-up firms and entry- and junior-level employees.

The New York Times

[photo courtesy Generator Hostels Copenhagen]