Businesses need both good and bad reviews

Travel firms need good and bad reviews to win trust
Consumers are more likely to trust brands that gather both negative and positive reviews than those that are all good, TTG Digital reports.
Speaking at a conference recently, Ben Clarke-Smith, head of customer success at the UK-based independent agent sales system Feefo, said that having both the good and the bad provides a more balanced picture of a business.
He added: “68% of consumers trust reviews where there’s both good and bad reviews. You don’t want to see 100% out there. If you can see negative [reviews], it really shows you’re dealing with real people and a real business.”
He said while 89% of consumers were influenced by reviews overall, 65% of them are more liable to choose a company that is proactive in responding to those reviews.
He advised delegates when dealing with bad reviews to keep in mind some key points: Don’t copy-paste your response; don’t take bad reviews personally; don’t ignore them; and don’t tell the reviewer you are passing on their comments to the relevant department.
“Make [your response] natural and take the time to talk as a human being,” Clarke-Smith said.
The review market is still growing, he added, and the future use of reviews is only just beginning to be realised.
Augmented reality will soon allow consumers to point their smart phones down a road and instantly see reviews for the businesses there pop up, he said, while in-store beacons will allow businesses to know what their customers are saying while in a shop as well as see how they move around it.
TTG Digital

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