Cable-car tourists rescued after 18 hours

Twenty people rescued a day after paraglider crashes into cable

Almost a full day and night after a paraglider tandem crashed into the cable, 20 people have been rescued by helicopter from a cable car in Bavaria. They had been trapped 100 metres above the ground for over 18 hours. Strong winds on Tegelberg mountain where the incident occurred prevented the dramatic rescue from succeeding faster. The two people in the paraglider suffered minor injuries.
The 1,880 metre-high Tegelberg is within sight of the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle. The 19 tourists in the gondola included two children, one as young as four, and there was one cable car operator. A mountain rescue specialist was lowered inside to provide them with food and clothing while they waited to be rescued.
[pictured: View of Neuschwanstein Castle; courtesy Germany Tourism]