Cambodia’s tough tourism plan praised

Shake-up will see all non-licensed businesses shut down by 2018
Cambodia’s plans to significantly raise tourism standards have been met with approval by agents in the country. The ministry of tourism is due to unveil a seven-step plan in the coming months, as part of the kingdom’s aim of attracting seven million visitors by 2020.
Full details are yet to be released, but it will focus on improving the quality of tourism services and strengthen the management of industry standards within the tourism sector, especially MICE.
It will also look at the professional management of business licenses and strengthening revenue collection.
The shake-up will see all non-licensed businesses shut down by 2018. According to ministry figures, there were 647 hotels, 1,996 guesthouses, 1,844 restaurants, 588 tourism agencies and 5,088 guides registered across Cambodia in 2016.
Chan Kung, general manager of Mekong Trails, said raising and monitoring standards is essential to make the country more appealing to tourists, as well as bring offers up to the levels expected from various markets, such as Europe.
“The European market brings certain expectations and sometimes these are not met by hotels or restaurants. If implemented correctly, this could be very beneficial,” he said.
Regulations for tourism products are “definitely needed” and will undoubtedly raise the industry as a whole, Chhanny Sorn, founder of Asian Dreams, added.
TTG Asia

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