Can Turkish Airlines recover after attacks, coup plot?

Few carriers have expanded as rapidly as this one
Turkish Airlines has had a terrible month, Skift writes, with a major terrorist attack at its Istanbul hub, then an attempted coup. But the airline could bounce back quickly.
Few carriers have expanded as rapidly as Turkish Airlines over the past decade, including in Europe, where it flies to around 100 cities.
It is not yet clear when European and US passengers will return en masse to the airline, one of whose strengths is carrying international connecting traffic to, for example, second and third tier cities in Africa and the Middle East.
With relatively low costs and low fares, Turkish is less controversial than rivals Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Emirates, is part of the Star Alliance and says it flies to more countries than any other carrier. It capitalises on its centralised geography to offer travellers easy connections, with a third of its passengers never actually entering Turkey.
Turkish Airlines’ aggressive pricing should continue, which experts say may help it recover within weeks, if there are no further attacks or coup attempts.
“People have short memories,” says Robert Mann, a New York-based industry analyst. “If you are going to Turkey, you probably have some concerns. But if you are using Istanbul as a transit point, then I think it soon will be back to normal.”
The airline is likely to increase its reliance international-to-international passengers, the second biggest segment at Turkish behind domestic travellers (43%). That should not be a problem, as the airlines flies to 287 airports in 113 countries, an incredibly high number of destinations for an airline with about 300 aircraft.

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