Canada promotes new travel experiences

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Off the Eaten Track

Destination Canada campaign features human rights

Canada’s tourist board has started to promote three new experiences it hopes will inspire people “to discover the authentic Canada” – from foodie meals to human rights.

Visitors can explore powerful human rights stories from across the country and around the world in the central province of Manitoba, learn about Canada’s military history with volunteer veterans in the east-central province of Ontario, and enjoy the culinary delights of one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the western city of Vancouver, writes Travel Market Report.

Walk through time
In more detail, Destination Canada’s Canadian Signature Experiences collection now includes the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, where visitors can explore local stories and architecture from the Canadian Prairies and dine “on creatively-prepared, farm fresh meals”.

In the Canadian capital Ottawa, visitors can “walk through time” in four “experience galleries” presenting military history, “talk with volunteer veterans, reflect on how ordinary Canadians faced extraordinary challenges and experience how human conflict has shaped Canada”.

In Vancouver, the Railtown Urban Eats Tour, hosted by Off the Eaten Track, takes visitors to one of the city’s oldest districts, a “magnet for trendy small eateries even the locals don’t know about”. Guests can “nibble comfort food” in a former Japanese gambling house that’s now a culinary training school, and sip wine and craft beers created on site at an early 20th century steel warehouse.

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