Carlsberg marketing chief to take on SAS

SAS to get new vice president of brand and marketing
Didrik Fjeldstad will become the new director of brand development and marketing at SAS. He comes from the international sales and marketing team at the Carlsberg Group.
In recent years, SAS has launched its We are Travellers concept and has “invested heavily in innovation, marketing, digital solutions and the EuroBonus loyalty program,” the airline says. Fjeldstad will take over responsibility for the continued development of the SAS brand from October 24, reporting to commercial operations director Eivind Roald.
“We are very excited to get Didrik Fjeldstad who will have global responsibility for brand development and marketing at SAS. Didrik brings his long experience at Carlsberg, which is another strong Scandinavian brand, where he has been responsible for positioning the Carlsberg brand globally in an increasingly challenging competitive environment,” Eivind said.
A Norwegian living with his family in Copenhagen, Fjeldstad has an MSc in marketing from the Aarhus School of Business, and since 2006 has worked in various positions at Carlsberg, most recently as global marketing director.
Saying that SAS is a company with “an iconic brand that I and all Scandinavians have a special relationship with,” Fjeldstad added: “I believe in a modern, consumer-focused and digitally-leading SAS and will work hard every day to make us worthy of travellers’ loyalty.”
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