Carry extra fuel when flying to Stockholm

Warning follows multiple closures of Stockholm airports
Make sure you are carrying extra fuel when flying to Stockholm Arlanda, a Swedish pilots’ union is urging its colleagues.
The warning comes after a number of incidents where drones have forced the airport to temporarily close, for fear of a mid-air collision.
Sweden’s busiest airport has been forced to stop flights arriving and departing as many as four times so far in August after drones were spotted in the area, with Bromma, the capital’s second airport, closing three times.
When this happens, incoming planes are forced to hold or divert, but several have had to be given special permission to land as they are low on fuel.
“You can’t underestimate how serious the shutdown of operations […] is and that aircraft have been forced to declare an emergency and use the last of their fuel to land at the closed airport,” says Tomas Gustafsson, chairman of the Swedish Pilot Association’s air safety committee.
In Sweden, an airport must close for 30 minutes if a drone is spotted in its control zone, or until it is sure the drone has landed. In Arlanda’s case, its control zone includes large parts of northern Stockholm.
TT / The Local