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Greater Manchester Police

Cars attacked for avoiding airport parking

Angry residents paint all over cars parked outside their homes not far from Manchester Airport.

Car owners who have parked on the city streets near Manchester Airport in the UK will get a shock when they return from holiday, Yahoo News reports, as their vehicles have been vandalised.

“No parking” was painted in big white letters over two cars parked in a residential street, evidently by an angry local.

Lownorth Road is located about a kilometre from the airport, and residents say that people park their cars there for weeks while they are enjoying their holiday, avoiding airport parking fees.

Like most airports, Manchester is seeing ever-increasing numbers of passengers, rising by almost 10% last year to 27.8 million.

Police report that besides being daubed with graffiti, the tyres of cars on the street have also been deflated.

However, it has since been reported that one of the cars attacked with paint was in fact owned by someone who was just visiting friends nearby.

Police warning
Greater Manchester Police tweeted images of the cars, saying that such attacks were “unacceptable”.

“This behaviour is completely unacceptable and we will take positive action against anyone caught causing damage,” the police warned.

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