Centara Hotels reaches into the Nordics

Centara Hotels & Resorts opens GSA office in Stockholm
After a lot of success in Scandinavia with the largest tour operators in sales, Centara Hotels & Resorts is now opening a GSA office in Stockholm to get an even bigger share of the market.
After originally planning Copenhagen as the centre, the choice fell to Stockholm and Bamboo Collection, on representing the upper market of hotels. Bamboo Collection represents the interests of many high-end and boutique hospitality brands, actively working to market the brands to Nordic customers. The company caters mainly to luxury hotels and resorts that attract travellers to Thailand, the Maldives, India and Greece.
Chris Bailey, Centara’s senior vice president for sales and marketing, sees great potential for growth in the Nordic countries, saying that “the company’s diverse portfolio of hotels, residences and resorts, found in top holiday destinations around the world, ensures that the company is well-positioned to cater to the preferences of Nordic visitors.”
As a highly-regarded Thai-based brand, Centara Hotels & Resorts is able to leverage the strong appeal of its home territory to tourists from the Nordic countries. Research conducted by Thailand’s Tourist Authority (TAT) has found that Scandinavian travellers are strongly motivated to seek out the sun, at beaches and especially small islands. With more than 80% of Scandinavian tourist arrivals repeat visitors, Nordic travellers make up over 650,000 on average of Thailand’s overall visitors.
“Centara is known to offer tourists from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway the full range of experiences they seek in South East Asia, and now we’re able to provide them with equally attractive choices in locations such as Turkey and Doha,” Bailey says. “This huge variety of attractions, cuisines and accommodation options means that our popularity with Scandinavian travellers will only continue to increase.”
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[pictured: Chris Bailey]