CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen resigns

Eurovision cost three times more than original budget

Following heavy criticism of the tourism organisation Wonderful Copenhagen, particularly after the Eurovision Song Contest in May brought losses to the city of DKK 58 million (€7.78 million), the body’s chief executive Mikkel Metz Mørch is to resign.

The event cost around DKK 112 million to stage – three times more than the original budget.

“All I can tell you is that that following the Wonderful Copenhagen board meeting today, I will be handing in my resignation as CEO,” Metz Mørch told the daily Politiken, though he did not give a reason.

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, chairwoman of the regional council for the Capital Region, said: “Michael Metz Mørch has been CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen during a period in which the organisation has effectively promoted tourism in Denmark and the Capital Region, for which both he and the board deserve much praise.”

She added: “It is true, however, that the Eurovision Song Contest has placed Wonderful Copenhagen in a difficult situation that requires significant changes to the organisation. We need a period of calm, to regain confidence in Wonderful Copenhagen so that it can continue with the business of promoting tourism. I therefore think it is the correct decision for the CEO to step aside to allow for new blood.”

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