CEO resigns from Swedish rail company

Jan Forsberg submits resignation after 10 years in the post

Jan Forsberg, CEO of the Swedish state railway company SJ, has submitted his resignation. He will step down next summer after 10 years in the post. The SJ board has initiated the recruitment of a new CEO who will take over the management of the company from summer 2012. “Plans for the new organisation will be entirely implemented by the end of the first half of 2012 at the latest and it feels natural to leave the leadership at that point to a successor,” Forsberg says in a comment. According to Forsberg’s agreements, he will begin drawing a pension from July 2013.
SJ is a state-owned passenger rail operator created in 2000. It received a government bailout several years after it was founded, but has since posted profit margins of up to 10%. According to reports, all rail service operators in Sweden pay low charges for track access to the track authority Trafikverket.
TTG Nordic
[pictured: SJ Regional Double Decker – Class X40]

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