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Jet Time

Charters fly Scandinavians to Albanian coast

Tirana International Airport welcomes the Danish airline Jet Time for the first time – from Finland.

Tirana International Airport (TIA) welcomed the first charter flight operated by the Danish airline Jet Time on Friday, carrying tourists from Finland.

Jet Time had on board 130 tourists, and to mark the occasion the airport held a small ceremony for the beginning of the new route connecting the Finnish and Albanian capitals.

“This is the first group of tourists from Scandinavia, and we are expecting others from Sweden and Norway,” said Dr Rolf Castro-Vasquez, the airport’s chief executive officer.

“People from the Scandinavian countries are very interested to see Albania and we wish them a wonderful experience.”

Castro-Vasquez also commented that TIA is supporting these routes financially, aiming to boost tourism and raise the image of Albania across Europe and beyond.

Jet Time is a Danish-owned carrier founded in 2006 and operates as a business-to-business company delivering flight transport solutions to charter companies and airlines.

Leisure carriers
Elsewhere from the Nordic region, the tour operator Apollo has also just launched charter flights to Tirana from Oslo for the summer, with a departure every Saturday from May 12 to September 22. The flights are carried out, as previously reported, by Lithuania’s Small Planet Airlines with an Airbus A320.

Passengers will then be transported by bus to the Durres Riviera on the scenic Albanian coast, about 30 minutes from Tirana.

There are also departures from Stockholm Arlanda, with Small Planet Airlines, and from Copenhagen courtesy of Danish Air Transport. Jet Time flying from Helsinki rounds off the seasonal spurt of flights to Tirana from the region.

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