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Primera Air

Cheapest airlines in the world listed

Airlines are ranked according to the lowest fares for passengers in terms of cost per kilometre.

The cheapest airlines worldwide have been listed in a new report, with the Riga-based, pan-Nordic and now transatlantic carrier Primera Air in the top five. But Norwegian is placed outside the top 100.

The Global Flight Pricing Ranking prepared by the travel planning site Rome2Rio says that globally the average cost per kilometre for flights has increased to $18.80 (€15.93), from $17.75 in 2016.

Asian and Indian carriers dominate the top 25, the Telegraph newspaper reports, with Air Asia X in the top spot followed by Air India Express and Indonesia AirAsia.

Ryanair ranks eighth in the world, while Primera Air, which recently launched transatlantic operations from London Stansted, comes fourth.

There are more surprises. Etihad Airways is as high as sixth, while Qatar Airways and Emirates are also in the top 25, at 15th and 25th respectively. Another full-service carrier, Australia’s Qantas, is in eighth spot.

Finnair is in 90th place, Norwegian is in 102nd, SAS is 155th. The whole list of 200 airlines can be seen here (under ‘Only International’).

Rome2Rio claims that Virgin Atlantic is one of the few airlines to have reduced the cost of its flights since 2016, which helped to improve its position from 100th to 42nd.

The travel planning site says it created the listings by analysing the economy fares of 200 airlines over two months, crunching the numbers of 1.5 million different prices during the period to come up with an average cost per kilometre.

Examples are Virgin Atlantic’s price per kilometre falling by 4 cents to 13 cents, as opposed to easyJet’s cost per kilometre rising from 14 to 19 cents, causing it to tumble from 71st to 124th place.

“Since our 2016 report, we have seen some significant shifts in pricing and ranking,” says Kirsteene Phelan, chief operating officer at Rome2Rio.

“Airlines who have ventured into the budget scene, such as British Airways, as well as those such as Norwegian who have a reputation as budget stars need to pass on higher fuel and operational costs to the customer.”

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