Cheetahs attack tourists in South Africa

Encounter with “tame” animals quickly gets serious

Two hand-raised cheetahs in a petting enclosure at the Kragga Kamma Game Park in South Africa, where tourists can have their pictures taken together with the “tame” animals, revealed a wild streak when they suddenly jumped at and scratched a child’s leg and then turned on a woman. The cheetahs attacked Violet D’Mello from Scotland by pawing her head, drawing blood but not resulting in serious injury.
The same cheetahs are believed to have been involved in a similar incident in 2009 when a tourist from the US was mauled, shredding her ear and scratching her face.
“They weren’t being vicious,” D’Mello said. “You could tell they were just excited. But it became serious very quickly.”
USA Today
[pictured: Cheetah mother and cub in the wild]


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