Chief executive of Faroese airline resigns

Magni Arge stepped down on Saturday with immediate effect

After 18 years at the head of the Faroese airline Atlantic Airways, the high-profile chief executive Magni Arge stepped down on Saturday with immediate effect. The airline has found a temporary replacement with background at SAS and Air Greenland.

Disagreements with the board, including the new chairman Niels Mortensen, on Atlantic Airways’ future strategy are said to be behind the move.

In a statement the board said that Jørgen Holme, a 52-year-old Dane, had been appointed the new CEO for a period of at least one to two years.

Holme holds an economics degree from Aarhus University and previously held a executive jobs in sales and marketing at SAS, Spanair and Air Greenland. Later he was director in Denmark of the credit card company SEB Kort.

Last month Atlantic Airways got its third new Airbus A319 in the space of a year. One of the planes is stationed in the Faroe Islands, a second at Copenhagen Airport, while the third is at Billund Airport flying for the charter tour operator Atlantis Travel.

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[pictured: Atlantic Airways Avro RJ aircraft at Vágar Airport, Faroe]

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