China’s industry leaders to meet at EIBTM

Barcelona event to present China Meetings Summit for first time

For the first time, EIBTM is to present a China Meetings Summit, to try to give the international meetings industry a view of how the world’s economic powerhouse is determined to succeed on the global stage, winning high-profile, business-led events. Economists look to China and its potential for 70% growth over the next five years, and conversations are leading towards one conclusion – if a business isn’t positioned in the Chinese market or serving clients in that region, high growth is going to be difficult to achieve.
The China Meetings Summit will look at the meetings industry from a first-tier destination perspective and from a meeting-planner perspective, bringing an interactive session with live debate and presentations from some of China’s industry leaders, showing how they are competing for business with the rest of the world. The summit will take place at EIBTM on November 29 at 15:30.
[pictured: Hosted Buyer Lounge at EIBTM 2010; courtesy EIBTM]